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HugMatch Benefit

We provide a multi-sensory experience, helping children to explore the world around them all while having fun.

Sense of Touch

Wide range of textures and materials provide concrete experiences necessary for children’s development.

Sense of Hearing

Different sounds and melodies from the toys spark imagination and motivate children to interact with the toys.


Social Interaction

Through toys, children learn how to socialize, express their feelings, and cooperate with one another.


HugMatch toys support the cognitive, psychosocial, and physical development of visually impaired and non-visually impaired children.

410 Average Exhibition Visitors
10 Press and Award
2,010 Monthly Website visitors
250% Toys Created

What We do

We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world.
Team Member

The Tech Wizards

We use computer technology and engineering to make the toys come alive.


Arduino, Web, App
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The Design Fairies

We look at everyday objects that we interact with and turn it into something special.


Product, Illustrate
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The Teller of Tales

We tell stories that move, delight, enchant, touch, teach, inspire, and challenge.


Character, Story
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The Creative Healers

We help children blossom and reach their highest potential, no matter who they are and what obstacles they have.


Music, Art


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Meet the team

Our team consists of experienced
play designers, artists, programmers and therapist!

Meet the Team

Our projects

What We’ve done so far...
Project Example

Halloween Game Expo 2017

NYC Microsoft + Playcrafting
Project Example


Best in class award winners.
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Blue and Red Ribbon winners.
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NYC Media Lab 2016

Exhibition at Columbia University
Project Example

World Maker Faire New York 2015

Project Example

Westport Mini Maker Faire

Westport Library and Jesup Green
Project Example

World Maker Faire New York 2014

New York Hall of Science.
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How to Play Hugmatch

Play Instruction and Video Footages
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Introduce HugMatch Character

Toy Design and Storytelling.

Latest from our blog

Family life, kids, pure play & more!
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Coloring Page

Coloring is so much fun! We encourage kids to express themselves through coloring; it also helps to develop creativity and imagination.

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Exhibition 2016

Children love HugMatch toys! Please come and watch video footages from all of our exhibitions and see how huggable they are.

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Ahri (Character Song)

Composed simple and fun music to perfectly go with HugMatch stories, and characters. Come and check out unique sounds for each characters.

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A wonderful application of play to build empathy between children who have disabilities. It was a really well considered approach to designing and testing with kids.
Jury Commentary
Core77 Design Awards
Looking at how play and a toy could be used to build empathy with two kids. It was nice to see that as the research unfolded and multiple visits were had with the children... those insights were nicely incorporated into the design iterations of the toy.
Jury Commentary
Core77 Design Awards

HugMatch x Earth Day

Educational Game for kids

We can capture the attention of young minds through our magical adventure to help them better understand global warming, promotes reading and learning experience through interactive games.

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