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Join and explore the world for a magical adventure with HugMatch friends. Marvelous story to help users with reading experience.


Playing and having fun while learning is our goal. Start your adventure and navigate through app to play 5 awesome interactive games.


Helpful voice narrating and designs to help children learn about problem solving and body senses.

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HugMatch X Earth Day

The HugMatch x Earth Day is an educational game app that promotes reading and learning experience through interactive games. We can capture the attention of young minds through our magical adventure to help them better understand problems such as climate change and global warming.

Meet your HugMatch Friends!

Let's Go

Mobile app features

Adventurous story in magical world with your Hugmatch friends.
You Can Touch!
You Can Sing!
You can help!
You Can Draw!

HugMatch Interactive Toy

Interactive toys for Kids

HugMatch provide a multi-sensory experience, helping children to explore the world around them all while having fun.

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A wonderful application of play to build empathy between children who have disabilities. It was a really well considered approach to designing and testing with kids.
Jury Commentary
Core77 Design Awards
Looking at how play and a toy could be used to build empathy with two kids. It was nice to see that as the research unfolded and multiple visits were had with the children... those insights were nicely incorporated into the design iterations of the toy.
Jury Commentary
Core77 Design Awards

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Coloring Page

Coloring is so much fun! We encourage kids to express themselves through coloring; it also helps to develop creativity and imagination.

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Exhibition 2016

Children love HugMatch toys! Please come and watch video footages from all of our exhibitions and see how huggable they are.

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Ahri (Character Song)

Composed simple and fun music to perfectly go with HugMatch stories, and characters. Come and check out unique sounds for each characters.

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